When you hear of ozone, you might think air pollution. But, ozone actually protects us from the harmful effects of UV. Ozone also has multiple medical and dental applications

In dental offices, ozone can be used in 3 forms, water, gas and oil.

Ozonated water can clean and disinfect the water lines, used to irrigate deep periodontal pockets, infected areas and canals during root canal treatment. Ozonated gas and oil can be used for the same purposes. Of course, gas penetrate deeper inside dental tubules, etc. Regardless of the location or the type of infection ozone is able to treat almost any situation. Water treatment research in Europe has shown that one molecule of ozone is equal to 3000 molecules of chlorine.  This same research also showed that the ozone killed pathogenic organisms 3500 times faster with no toxic side effects and no toxic byproducts.

In our office we use it as water, gas and oil (ozonated olive oil). As water we use it in water lines and as irrigation solution for gums and teeth. As gas we utilize it under fillings in deep cavities and in deep gum pockets. We also use ozone gas in top and bottom trays that patient wears for a few minutes. It’s called ozone hyperbaric trays. They saturate and expose both the soft and hard tissues to the antimicrobial re-oxygenation of ozone.

Of course, ozone can cause harm if not used properly or if it’s generated through less quality/cheap generators. This is why we use the top of the line generator, Longevity Ozone Generator. Ozone Generator International Guidelines

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