“She is a great dentist!”

“I love how much she cares about her patients.  She has an awesome new office too.  She practices naturopathic medicine also.  She has been a great provider and I plan to stay with her as long as I can.” – Shelly D.

“I just visited Rohina for the first time yesterday and was incredibly impressed by how much care she took checking my teeth and gums and the time she spent answering my questions. My last dentist looked at my mouth for about 30 seconds before pronouncing I needed to pony up $600 for filings. I had a feeling they were gouging me, so I left to look for someone more thorough and personable (and preferably with a focus on more holistic, natural methods). Rohina carefully went over my x-rays with me, showing me potential trouble spots and letting me know my options for dealing with them. It turns out the spots were minor and Rohina instructed me on oral care that should keep them from getting worse–thus saving me a lot of money and keeping me from unnecessary treatment (and the loss of a lot of healthy enamel that would have been wasted in the process of drilling out the tiny cavities). She strikes me as very thorough and honest, and I look forward to going back for my cleaning.”
Haley B.
“My husband has been seeing Dr. Azizi for his teeth cleaning appointments, and told me that she also specializes in Naturopathy. Since my husband is very satisfied with her as his dentist, I thought I would see her since she takes my insurance (Regence), and I was looking for an alternative approach to some issues I had been experiencing. When I met her, I was really impressed with her personality and knowledge, and felt very comfortable with her. She is very calm, extremely intelligent, but was able to explain fairly complex subjects to a level I could understand. Without going into detail, Dr. Azizi was spot on in determining a couple of my issues after assessing my symptoms and doing some basic vital testing in the appointment. Her suggestions for treatments were extremely inexpensive, and I was happy that she didn’t try and over-prescribe/over-recommend costly products. Funny enough, my mother was telling me about a new dentist she had just seen for her teeth cleaning (which reminded me to write this review), and after my mother described her experience, we discovered she had coincidentally seen Dr. Azizi as well. So other than myself, my Husband and my Mother were also extremely pleased.”
Xian W.
“Dr. Azizi has been my dentist since 1996. She and her staff are awesome. Everyone is very friendly and professional. Dr. Azizi is very gentle but thorough and is always concerned about my comfort level as well as answering my questions. I highly recommend her services!”
Marti M.
“Dr. Rohina Azizi and her assistant Shelly are amazing!  I hadn’t been to the dentist in 5 years and had a little apprehension about going into my check-up and cleaning.  They put all my fears at ease with their attentiveness and gentle, but thorough touch.  They not only checked before every step of the x-rays and cleaning, but explained what they were doing and translated dental jargon.  Dr. Azizi gave me the opportunity to take breaks if I needed.  I felt respected throughout the process.  They consulted with me first before doing x-rays and other services not from a place of superior authority, but from an understanding that I knew my body best.  I loved how seamlessly Dr. Azizi integrated her extensive western and eastern medical training into the session.  I will definitely be going back to Dr. Azizi and this time much sooner than 5 years!”
Kate C.
“I am a relatively new patient with Dr. Azizi, having gone in for my first appointment in December 2014. Thus far I’ve had nothing but positive experiences during each visit; I had not been in to see a dentist in 2 or so years and knew that I would likely need a filling and definitely a deep cleaning, which would require more than one appointment. Dr. Azizi has an excellent chair-side manner and checked in with me frequently, explaining what she was doing, etc. She was even able to help me out with a molar that was constantly having issues with food getting caught between it and its neighbor –turns out the filling I had gotten with my last dentist had a bit of a ledge that made flossing an extra challenge when food got caught. She removed and replaced that filling and I’ve had no trouble with it since.

I found Dr. Azizi through the providers available to me through Moda (thank you, OHP!), but would recommend her to any one!”

Devon J

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